According to Cadillac brand president Johan de Nysschen, the automaker which is believed to have revised the ELR for 2016 will elect not to continue the Volt-based model.

“The ELR will continue through its lifecycle,” he said to AutoGuide in New York today, however, “I don’t’ think we will create a next-generation, compact, two-door, gorgeously styled alternative powertrain successor to ELR.”

The “gorgeously styled” ELR also sold just 1,310 units last year being a compact 2+2 with 37 miles EV range and 33 mpg combined in premium gas-burning operation.

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It was left unclear when the production will end and the news did catch GM media reps by surprise who have told us the ELR is due to continue, revised, next year. Those plans for the updated ELR do appear still in the works, de Nysschen’s comment would apply to after this updated ELR still in generation one’s life cycle continues.

A press announcement that was supposed to have been made in Geneva has otherwise been delayed for the refreshed 2016 ELR but a reasonable assumption would be it could get drivetrain updates from the 2016 Volt.

After that, if de Nysschen’s statement comes through as it sounds, the ELR could be no more but we shall see.

de Nysschen’s comment was on the occasion of bigger news for Cadillac today – the revelation of its new flagship CT6. has learned the automaker will announce news later this month of the plug-in hybrid version of this car meant to go head-to-head with Mercedes, BMW, Audi and anyone else in the large luxury segment.