Cadillac has joined the chorus of automakers throwing shade at Tesla in advertisements, using its latest commercial to open fire.

In the 15-second commercial, titled “Future is Here Technology,” Cadillac presents its new driver assist system, Super Cruise, a direct competitor to Tesla’s Autopilot.

In it, a 2018 CT6 cruises down a highway, passing a white Tesla with a medium close-up shot of a sunglasses-wearing driver releasing the steering wheel and crossing his arms. That shot transitions to a statement on an all-white background, “The First True Hand’s Free Driving System for the Freeway.” It’s recommended that Tesla drivers keep their hands on the wheel when using AutoPilot.

During the Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai also fired a warning shot using a giant billboard of its new Kona electric compact SUV with the caption “Your turn, Elon,” a subtle dig at the automaker’s non-existent compact SUV option and emphasis on “concepts and promises” rather than available products.

In a USA TODAY statement, Hyundai toned down its aggression by issuing a statement expressing support for automakers who work on electrification.

Available in the 2018 Cadillac CT6, Super Cruise uses LiDAR mapping data covering most popular U.S. highways, paired with radar sensors, GPS, and cameras to power its driver assistance suite.

It consists of automatic lane-centering, automatic speed and steering control during highway driving, and a steering column-mounted infra-red-equipped small camera that senses a driver’s head position to alert them using notifications or taking control via auto steering.

Super Cruise can only be used on limited access freeway driving with divided lanes, in non-construction zones, and it cannot be used during inclement weather conditions.