While the words “Tesla-Fighter” get thrown around an awful lot these days, it is true that the brand is becoming the benchmark for EVs. For image, even if not always for timeliness. A new report says that Cadillac will be the General’s lead EV brand, with a new model incoming to be that Tesla-Fighter.

It’s expected to be announced today, Reuters reports. Cadillac will be the first to get a vehicle on GM’s new BEV3 platform. Though GM isn’t expected to say any more than just that short statement.

Previously, GM had gone mainstream with EVs, the ELR aside. The Volt plug-in and Bolt EV were the prime plug-fighters. Now it’s expected to lean more premium. Where models like Tesla’s own Model S and X, and Jaguar’s I-Pace are racking up impressive sales volumes.

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In 2017, GM said that it plans to introduce at least 20 new electric models by 2021, developed in the US and China. It’s also said that a new electric platform coming will underpin at least nine models ranging from compacts to commercial vans.

Electrifying Cadillac could be a way to bring back some shine to the brand, which is already undergoing a resurgence. With a flurry of new model introductions coming over the next several years. A premium EV, built at home, probably couldn’t hurt that plan.

[source: Reuters]

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