Secretive Chinese electric car startup Byton has unveiled a preview of an upcoming saloon concept ahead of the CES Show in Shanghai, China.

Shown in Milan, Italy, this marks the brand’s second vehicle. Early preview images reveal very little, with silhouetted outer lines depicting the SUV’s curvature using top, side, top, and front angles. This version is expected to use the same platform architecture as its previous model.

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“We worked on the family from the beginning, and designed it so we can avoid re-engineering things every single time from an architecture and platform point of view,” said Benoit Jacob, Byton’s design chief. “That means we can have a price point that is really attractive.”

According to Byton, the vehicle will also have the choice of two engine options, delivering a 323-mile range. On the interior side, its flagship feature will be a verbal and hand-gestured controlled wraparound dashboard and touchscreen-integrated steering wheel using the “Byton Life” cloud-sharing platform, capable of third-party integrations, wearable device synchronization, and heartbeat monitoring. Its all-electric SIV, which debuted at the Jan. 2018 Las Vegas Electronics Show, claimed Level 5 autonomous driving.

The go-to-market date for the SUV will occur by the end of 2019, starting in China before entering the European and U.S. market in 2020 at an MSRP of approximately $45,000 (£31,500)