Chinese electric-car startup Byton has revealed its second concept vehicle of the year. Following the electric-car brand’s SUV concept, the Byton K-Byte sedan concept debuted in Shanghai, China, on Tuesday.

Byton put on its own event appropriately called “Byton Night” to reveal the electric sedan ahead of a formal debut at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show Asia. The startup company showed its original SUV concept, now called the M-Byte, at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, this past January.

The K-Byte will allegedly share a platform with the M-Byte electric SUV, according to the company, and likely feature identical battery packs to Byton’s original SUV concept model. At its debut, Byton said the M-Byte will feature 71- and 95-kilowatt-hour batteries good for an estimated 200 and 310 miles of range.

But, the K-Byte should improve upon those figures, thanks to a smaller size and greater aerodynamics.

The concept sedan is a handsome-looking thing with a unique face and a wedgy C-pillar that leads out into a sleek trunk lid. The taillights span the entire rear fascia with a slim LED design. Overall, the design pulls some of the best traits from the M-Byte SUV, but perhaps makes them look even better with its sedan packaging.

Byton hopes to put the M-Byte SUV into production in China in late 2019 with other markets to follow. Pricing for the electric SUV will supposedly start around $45,000. Tentatively, the Byton K-Byte sedan will follow in 2021.