New York-based AJ Greentech Holdings Ltd. will be assembling BYD e6 electric vehicles.

The company signed, through its Taiwan-based subsidiary, Taiwan Solar Energy Co., Ltd., a contract with Taiwan BYD to assemble and manufacture its electric taxi model, known as the e6.

These Taiwanese BYD e6 will first be destined to the Taiwan market; the company did not elaborate on possible export or on how many units it plans to manufacture.

According to BYD, afully charged e6 taxi can travel for 300 kilometers (186.41 miles) between charge; with a 2-hour charge time to 100 percent and a 40 minute charge to reach 80 percent, BYD believes travel time and charge time should not even be concerns for consumers. Interestingly, the e6 taxi model carries a battery warranty of 10 years.

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“This contract will ensure that our initiative for revolutionizing green energy transportation is carried out. By driving this e6 electric taxi, drivers will save 10,000 Taiwan dollars a year on transportation costs, an unparalleled deal, while at the same time, providing a safer environment for all the citizens of Taiwan,” said Ms. Chu Li An, AJ Greentech Holdings Ltd. CEO. “We are extremely glad to be part of the process. As we proceed with the electric buses and the electric taxis, we are eagerly searching out new opportunities to engage in the renewable energy market for transportation.”

This announcement follows another one made February 20, 2015, by AJ Greentech Holdings Ltd. in which it announced it had signed a contract with its Taiwan subsidiary an agreement to manufacture components for 3 BYD Model K9 Electric Bus. The contract also gives AJ Greentech Holdings the right to manufacture components for an additional 10 electric bus models in the near future.