You know the neighborhood is a good one when they offer a free Model S with the purchase of a new home.

Maybe the $3,199,000 selling price would be a hint as well, but an open house thrown today by Sotheby’s in the thriving Monterey County real estate market, replete with live music from members of The Money Band, plus fine refreshments, does include a Model S.

The 4,091-square-foot residence is located at 3375 Rio Road, Carmel. It has four bedrooms, three baths, a three car garage, electric vehicle charging, solar energy for heating, and it promises beautiful views of Fish Ranch and Carmel Highlands.


The price was reduced by $100,000 Nov. 17, and now it comes with a car priced by about that much, so can we say the price was reduced by around $200,000, give or take?

Not sure on that, but if someone had a hankering for a Model S, and was looking to invest in the region anyway, this could be a way to cross out two things on the to-do list with one transaction.

A drone video by the realtor shows the residence and views.

Rio Rd, Carmel CA from Monterey Drone on Vimeo.

Monterey County Weekly