Since antiquity, bullfighting in Spain has enthralled audiences. This age long sports tradition was adapted from the Moors. Barbarous practices of the Visigoths did not let bullfighting arrive in its modern form until the year 1726. The modern play of bullfighting was gifted by Francisco Romero.

Bullfighting remains one of the most controversial sports in Spain. The debonair stature of the toreador and the demonstration of an uncontrollable bull charging all around the ring, embrace the Spain’s spirit undoubtedly. Whether someone likes or dislikes bullfighting, this age long sport tradition is not going away.

Spanish call it “corrida de toros,” and it is a historically rich sport. Bullfighting has its roots in southern Spain. It is indeed a dangerous sport and only professionals can deal it. Bullfighting may even result in the death of bull and even sometimes oakley holbrook that of matador. Because of this, bullrings necessitate a chapel, which can be used by the matadors before they get involved in their match.

The best time to watch the bullfights Spain is between the month of April and oakley polarized gascan October. While you get set to watch bullfighting in Spain you must carry a hat, cushion and sunglasses along with you. It is advised that you reach the bullfighting arena on the right time. Selection of region is also important. Madrid, Seville and Pamplona are the best places to watch bullfighting.

In any city, you’ll need to find “plaza de toros”. These are large circular stadiums in each city that are used for bullfights. Some of them would be quite old and can also be visited for architectural experience. While you are looking for bullrings in maps find the word ‘toro’ that means a bullring.

Tickets for bull-fights are available at ticket offices in the bullrings itself but it is important that you buy them in advance, particularly if it is a highly publicized fight. For some bullfights, it is also possible to purchase online tickets. You can also buy these tickets over phone in case you speak good Spanish.

You should be fully prepared with sunglasses and sunscreen in order to combat the sun, especially if you happen to be in south Spain. Also carry a small cushion along with you since most of the seats in the bullfighting arena are not comfortable. Carrying cold water in a thermo flask is also a good option as it will protect you from possible dehydration. Also most of the bullrings do not sell refreshments and even if they do, they can be quite expensive. 

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