Leverton & Sons, a British funeral home, has come up with a way to give environmentalists one final ride in a green car with a Nissan Leaf hearse.

Developed in partnership with Brahms Electric Vehicles, Leverton & Sons the first all-electric “Eco-Hearse” in Britain is based off of the Leaf and has been customized to fit all of the funeral homes’ needs.

On the passenger side of the electric vehicle, for instance, the doors have been replaced with one large glass panel, making it possible to load a coffin into the vehicle, while horizontal crash beam has been added to that side of the vehicle, as well. To ensure that the casket doesn’t impede the driver’s view, there’s a motorized mechanism that allows it to be lowered or raised.

As one would expect, the Leaf’s range has taken a minor hit with the modifications. The customized vehicle can travel up to 85 miles on one charge, down from its normal range of 124 miles. Those figures are for Leafs with the 24 kWh on the European cycle. In the U.S., Leafs with the larger 30 kWh-battery have an EPA rated range of 107 miles, while models with the smaller 24 kWh-battery have a range of 84 miles on one charge.

The move to utilize the Leaf as a hearse was one that was influenced by the amount of pollution in London.

“Our clients and staff live and work in one of the most polluted and noisiest parts of the country,” said Leverton & Sons. “By using the Eco-Hearse, we will reduce our carbon footprint and are glad to make a small contribution towards a cleaner London for future generations and our local environment.”

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And with that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that the funeral home also offers “Eco-cars” as procession vehicles, which appear to be Leafs.

Brahms Electric Vehicles makes the modified Leafs close to the automaker’s actual factory for the electric vehicles. The factory where the modified Leaf hearses are made is located in Northamptonshire, which is 75 miles northwest of London. The facility is approximately 200 miles south of where Nissan manufactures the Leaf for European countries at its Sunderland factory.

Leverton & Sons