Recycled oil refiner Universal Lubricants entered in a partnership with Brake Plus to recycle used motor oils.

Full cycle” is how Brakes Plus describes its new partnership with Universal Lubricants. An installer and advocate of Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend Motor Oil since July 2012, Brakes Plus now has partnered with Universal Lubricants to collect used oil and filters from its 51 locations in Colorado, Texas, Nevada, Wyoming and Iowa, making it an integral part of the oil re-refining company’s closed loop process.

“As a Universal Lubricants closed loop customer we’re part of the Zero Waste Movement on both the front and back-end of our Eco Ultra oil change service,” said John Koskovich, Brakes Plus director of products, pricing and purchasing. “Offering our customers this eco-friendly option fits with our company goal to protect the environment while providing quality products and customer service. In addition, the convenience, cost savings and environmental benefits of Universal Lubricants’ six-gallon EcoPak bag-in-a-box packaging is a huge plus to our shops. And on the back-end, they help us responsibly recycle the spent oil products we’ve collected.”

Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is made from crystal clear, re-refined base oil that’s purified and then blended with high performance additives that protect vehicles and the environment, according to Universal Lubricant. It is licensed by the American Petroleum Institute and meets or exceeds SAE requirements and OEM specifications.

“Our closed loop process, in which we collect used oil, re-refine, blend and redistribute our own motor oils in an infinitely repeatable cycle, puts us at the forefront of the Zero Waste Movement,” said Cathy Smith, Universal Lubricants’ director of national accounts. “Companies like Brakes Plus, which are dedicated to conserving more and wasting less, really appreciate this closed loop approach. They realize that recycling used motor oil and filters plays a big role in the health of our planet. Recycling these products keeps waste out of our landfills, prevents groundwater pollution and reduces our nation’s dependency on foreign oil.”

For Brakes Plus, which services nearly 40,000 vehicles per month, exploring new ways to reduce its carbon footprint through a combination of environmentally-conscious services and products was a key factor in its decision to become a full cycle partner with Universal Lubricants.

“In five states Universal Lubricants collects our used motor oil and filters, plus the oily water from our stores’ sand traps,” Koskovich said. “The filters are drained, crushed and recycled for scrap metal. The used oil is transported to their re-refinery in Kansas where it becomes part of the company’s continuous closed loop cycle. Then we purchase Eco Ultra oil made from re-refined base oil – some of which came from the used oil we recycled. It’s good for our business, good for our clients and the right thing to do for our planet.”