Elon Musk’s Boring Company has released a video of a Model X cruising through one of its underground tunnels.

The short, 11-second clip starts with the vehicle perched atop skates before a voice calls out “ 2…1”, before it shotos down the tube to modest speeds.

This marks the second video since March showing a Model X doubling as a promotional tool. Other “feats of strength” performed by a Model X include a March 250,000-pound pull of muck rail cars out of a tunnel and towing of a 287,000-pound Boeing Dreamline by Qantas in May.

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This month, the Boring Company also won a contract from the City of Chicago to build a high-speed train connecting O-Hare Airport to the city in 20 minutes. The track would comprise of an 18-mile route manned by self-driving 16-passenger pods moving passengers up to 150 mph. Early reports indicate it will be built based on a modified Tesla Model X chassis running on a Loop, as opposed to a hyperloop which uses vacuum tubes to launch pods as fast as 600 miles per hour, ideal for longer distances.

There’s no word yet on potential cost, exact routes, or timetable for completion. However, all costs will be paid for by the Boring Company.