Tesla and Boring Company chief executive Elon Musk has announced plans to offer free test rides to Los Angeles residents in a tunnel this year.

On Thursday, Musk proclaimed that its first tunnel is almost complete in a tweet, sharing a sped-up video of its 2.7-mile long underground, proof-of-concept under Los Angeles, with a caption mentioning the free rides within the next several months.

The test tunnel, which currently sits 44 feet beneath the surface, lies under Space X headquarters in Hawthrone, California.

Other updates shared this week cited construction underway on its DC to New York City route, a Los Angeles to San Francisco route start date of 2019, and final regulatory approvals. Regarding its target consumer, a March statement by Musk clarified that Boring tunnels would accommodate pedestrians and cyclists over vehicles for “less than the price of a bus ticket.”

Most recently, Musk has also tried to raise money and drum up interest by selling Boring Company-branded, $500 flamethrowers and hats, with capped amounts sold and shipped at 20,000 and 50,000, respectively.