Bollore Group is moving forward in efforts to bring electrified car sharing services around the world through its partnership with the government of Singapore.

By the middle of next year, residents of the island will have access to a fleet of 125 plug-in electrified vehicles and 250 charging points, the Economic Development Board said. By 2020, Bollore says drivers will be able to share 1,000 PEVs and 2,000 charging points across the country.

This summer, the board and the Land Transport Authority signed an agreement with BlueSG, a unit of Bollore Group, to operate the 1,000-PEV nationwide car-sharing program. The government had spent a year studying 13 different proposals before choosing Bollore.

Some of these PEVs will be the Renault Zoe, as seen in the photo. In 2014, Bollore and Renault entered an agreement to bring shared electric cars to users around the world.

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Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Khaw Boon Wan said this agreement is another step in Singapore’s plan to promote the use of public transport and carsharing to reduce pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions.

Bollore already has presence in Indianapolis, Turin, Italy, and in its home country of France, in Paris, Bordeaux, and Lyon. In Paris, Bollore operates under the Autolib name, and as of last fall, the system was averaging 15,000 rides a day.

Cedric Bollore, the company’s vice president for development, told Automotive News last year that the company has been looking at expanding in the U.S.