A plug-in hybrid version of BMW’s X1 has been spotted testing, and is reportedly to go on sale in 2016.

According to the UK’s Auto Express, it may be badged the X1 xDrive30e and be part of a line of PHEVs ranging from the 2 Series Active Tourer to a 7 Series luxury sedan.

Electric range is unknown, but the X5 is reportedly good for 19 miles, and the X1 may even exceed that.

Acceleration could be 0-62 mph in under seven seconds, and top speed could be 130 mph, says Auto Expess.

Motive force is to be a 2.0-liter gas engine plus electric drive and with batteries under the trunk floor.

The X1’s new trunk is 85 liters larger than the previous model, but the battery may eat up 100 liters.

So, it won’t be that much lost space in the new SUV which may be the top-line model in the X1 range.

Auto Express via InsideEVs