BMW chose to showcase its automated driving and new lighting technology at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center

The German company said it will demonstrate Highly & Fully Automated Driving, driver interface advancements and new lighting technologies.

BMW added it will be showing highly automated driving at the South Plaza through the use of an R&D integration with wearables that allows a driver to call their all-electric BMW i3 and request to be picked up by using voice command on a specially-designed Smartwatch. The vehicle will then drive on its own to collect the driver.

BMW experts will also be onsite at the South Plaza to discuss research projects focused on 360-degree collision avoidance and fully automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant. Through 360-degree collision avoidance, four advanced laser scanners on a BMW i3 research vehicle record the environment and identify impediments, such as columns in a parking lot. In order to prevent the threat of collision, the system brakes automatically if the vehicle is approaching an obstructing object too quickly.

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The automaker stated the fully automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant could be used to independently, without a driver, steer a BMW i3 research vehicle through multiple levels of a garage to find a parking spot, while the driver who has already exited the car can head out to a meeting.


Several areas of the BMW exhibit will demonstrate advancements in electric vehicle charging solutions, added the automaker. In addition, innovations in automotive lighting technology will be revealed to visitors onsite.

BMW will also be showing Connected Mobility with multiple stations designed to show how easy it is to connect to your vehicle and improve convenience in travel, starting at home on your couch through your smart TV or on-the-go through your Smartwatch.

The company added it will also have an exhibit presenting the innovative, holistic portfolio of BMW i Mobility Services that help make life easier.

In advance of the expected Spring 2015 launch of the ConnectedDrive Store, an interactive display at the South Plaza will demonstrate how customers in the U.S. will be able to use an all-new ConnectedDrive Store while inside their vehicle to purchase select ConnectedDrive services.

Finally, test drives of the M235i, M3, M4 Coupe and all-electric BMW i3 will be available on a first come, first served basis at the South Plaza during show hours January 6 to 9.