For decades BMW’s 3-Series has been a benchmark among small luxury sports sedans. It is both a superb daily driver and commendable back-road carver.

It’s a car other cars dream about.

Now, the German automaker is getting close to replacing the current model shown above and is working on the seventh-generation 3-Series and, according to British publication Auto Express, a fully electric edition is planned.

An inside source told Auto Express that the new 3-Series, code named G20, will be constructed on a new platform engineered with electrification in mind.

The all-new architecture called CLAR, for Cluster Architecture, brought in carbon-fiber construction techniques to the 7-Series introduced earlier this year.

With lighter components, the new car will shed around 200 pounds, improving handling agility.

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The publication is claiming that BMW is working on a 90 kilowatt-hour battery, giving the car a potential 300-plus mile driving range.

Likely called the eDrive Sport, the battery would have the same energy capacity as the top-end Tesla Model S and Model X, but much higher than the upcoming Model 3’s sub-60 kilowatt-hour battery.

When the new 3-Series debuts, perhaps at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show, in addition to three, four and six-cylinder engines, a new version of the 330e plug-in hybrid will be introduced.

It will continue with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine, 87 horsepower electric motor, but with a larger battery pack that increases electric-only driving range.

Don’t rush out to your nearest BMW dealer to ask questions about the 3-Series EV, it’s not expected until 2020.

But when it does arrive, will it be the Ultimate Electric Driving Machine?

Auto Express