BMW is offering up protection for German diesel buyers who are worried about bans on cars using the fuel.

In the wake of VW’s Dieselgate emissions scandal and ongoing concern that diesels from other manufacturers may not be as clean as advertised, multiple cities have talked about banning diesels on their roads. Some are addressing only older and less efficient cars, but some are calling for bans on cars and trucks altogether. Those cities include Mexico City, Paris, Madrid, Athens, and Rome. Some cities, like London, are looking at implementing the bans as soon as this year.

That makes the job of selling diesel cars and trucks tough. Consumers are wary of buying a new vehicle that could be rendered useless with the stroke of a legislator’s pen.

BMW is offering customers of its diesel vehicles in Germany some protection. The new BMW Diesel Return Promise is meant to soothe buyers and protect them in case of a change in legislation.

The promise is this: If, during your lease agreement, there is a driving ban on exclusively diesel vehicles implemented within 62 miles of your primary residence or workplace, then BMW will move you into a comparable gas car.

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BMW doesn’t expect a ban on new cars but is giving owners an out if one does happen. The announcement is in response to a ruling last month from the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig that allowed German towns to place limits on diesel-powered vehicles. Hamburg has already announced it plans to impose some limits — expected to be on older vehicles — in the next few months.

The BMW offer is in effect for leases starting between March 6 and June 30, but may be extended.

If the offer proves popular for BMW, expect other automakers to jump onboard.

BMW is also making offers to help buyers of older models get into more efficient cars. Owners of vehicles meeting Euro 4 emissions standards, vehicles older than September of 2009, are eligible for a discount on a newer, more efficient model. Buyers can get $2,460 toward an i3, plug-in hybrid, or other model with emissions lower than 130 g/km