BMW is offering a $10,000 discount on its all-electric BMW i3 to California’s Pacific Gas and Electric customers.

In an apparent shot towards increasing competitiveness in Tesla’s home state, the promotion applies to the negotiated purchase price (non-lease) on all i3 and i3 REx models. To be eligible for the discount, buyers need to complete a one-page form and bring their PG&E bills to any BMW dealership, with demonstrable proof that the customer resides at that address.

The promotion will last through May 31, 2019, with BMW assuming the full cost of the promotion.

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“Today, 40 percent of greenhouse-gas emissions in the state come from transportation,” said PG&E Corporation’s senior vice president of Strategy and Policy Steve Malnight in a statement. “Electric vehicles are a critical part of reducing emissions, creating cleaner air and meeting ambitious climate goals in California. Making it easier for customers to adopt EVs can help drivers reduce their environmental impact while supporting the state’s clean energy future.”

This discount follows similar efforts by BMW and other utility providers, most recently with Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric Company customers, and New Jersey utility company PSE&G over the past two years.

In addition to the $10,000 brand discount, California buyers are also eligible for a $2,500 state rebate, a one time $500 rebate by PG&E, and the federal tax credit. Other small California and BMW-based incentives are also available, such as BMW’s ChargeNow program that allows free fill-ups at EVgo charging stations for 24 months.