The two vehicles that started BMW’s i sub-brand may not have a future beyond the current generation.

The German automaker has already confirmed it is working on the i4 and iNext electric vehicles, which will feature next-generation tech. But there’s a possibility the i3 and i8 models won’t have successors, a topic BMW is currently debating internally. Don’t expect either to be discontinued anytime soon, especially since both the i3 and i8 recently got mild refreshes with new variants in the form of the i3s and i8 Roadster.

Speaking to¬†Automotive News, BMW’s head of electric powertrain, Stefan Juraschek, confirmed it’s too early to say whether next-generation BMW i3 and i8 models will come to light. “These cars are very unique,” said Juraschek. “These two cars were not [developed] as a family that we can expand in different [ways] or maybe five or 10 derivatives.”

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The idea behind the i3 and i8 models were to be technology showcases, and the research and development that went into them helped pave the way for BMW’s electrification.

The upcoming BMW i4 is expected to arrive in 2020, offering up to 435 miles in range. It will be a four-door sedan model aimed at competing with the Tesla Model S.

[Source: Automotive News]

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