The BMW i8 will be following planned changes to the i3 in the next year, with more horsepower and longer battery range.

While details are yet to be officially released, BMW sources reportedly say the new i8 will be getting a more powerful electric motor than its current 129 horsepower unit. Combined with the 1.5 liter three-cylinder gas engine, the new i8 may be getting a boost in power to around 420 horsepower That would push the 0 to 62 mph in 4.4 seconds a little bit faster.

The next i8 will be getting a new plug-in hybrid electric powertrain that’s currently being tested by BMW in a fleet of prototype models. There’s also been an i8-based safety car run around the tracks at Formula E electric racing events around the world; and that test car may influence the next-generation i8.

Similar to the i3, BMW is working on extending the overall range of the i8 through a revised battery pack. The new i3 will get a 50-percent increase in range, and it’s believed there may be a similar range increase in the new i8.

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BMW has confirmed that the Formula E safety car will be getting a 10.0-kWh battery over the 7.1 kWh unit of the production car. That 10.0 kWh battery could also end up in the new i8. The new i8 will also follow a number of chassis modifications that have been seen in the Formula E safety cars, including modified upper wishbones and mounting points, and revised springs and dampers.

The BMW i3 is due later this year in dealer showrooms. The revised i8 isn’t expected to reach showrooms until next year.

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