KBB.com has compiled a list of the ten best green cars for 2015 and placed for the second year in a row the BMW i3 at the top of its ranking.

Each year the KBB.com editors compile a list of the most efficient vehicles available and then pick 10 standouts featuring a variety of price ranges and powertrains, publishing them as the 10 Best Green Cars of 2015.

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For 2015, the results are as follow:

1         BMW i3

2         Volkswagen e-Golf

3         Nissan Leaf

4         Toyota Prius

5         Honda Accord Hybrid

6         Tesla Model S

7          Chevrolet Volt

8          Toyota Camry Hybrid

9          Ford C-Max Hybrid

10        Volkswagen Jetta TDI

“The list of ‘green’ vehicle standouts continues to blossom, and with strict Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) requirements coming down the pipeline, auto manufacturers are making stronger advancements each year in creating more environmentally friendly vehicles,” said Jack R. Nerad, executive editorial director and executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book’s KBB.com. “Topping this list for the second year in a row is the BMW i3 – an electric car that can sprint to 60 mph in just over 7 seconds, and is made in a factory powered entirely by four wind turbines. And if 81 miles of electric range doesn’t work for you, the i3 can be had with a small gas generator that lets you go as far as there are gas stations.”