With Nissan increasing its Leaf battery size, Chevrolet announcing its 200-mile range Bolt due late next year, BMW has said it will increase range for its i3.

Both the pure battery electric i3 and the range-extended i3 REx are receiving tweaks that UK publication Autocar says will boost range from 100 “real-world” miles to 124 miles (200 kilometers).

But unlike Nissan which is tiding over its aging 2016 Leaf with optionally larger 30-kwh battery, BMW’s “optimized driveline” will retain the same 22 kilowatt-hours, but higher power density with 18.7-kwh usable is responsible for the increased range potential, says Autocar.

This statement has come across as too good to be true to commenters, and unclear is what else specifically is responsible for the 25 percent increase.

Part of it, may come from improved electronics in the i3 which has been called the most sophisticated in terms of engineering and construction by engineering firm Munro and Associates which forensically tore one down for analysis.

The upgraded electronics will include new software mapping to oversee the electric motor and battery cooling.

BMW will also make the revised battery available for retrofit, though the price of this was not reported.