BMW i’s ConnectedDrive technology will be available on the soon to be released Apple Watch.

The BMW i Remote app can be used to remotely check and control functions of BMW i models such as the battery’s state of charge.

BMW i said customers will be able to use its app from day one on the new Apple Watch.

The BMW i Remote app on the Apple Watch will allow users to stay updated on the car’s current battery status, for example, and alert them when the high-voltage unit is fully charged. In addition, BMW i said Apple Watch can continue the navigation instructions from the BMW i3 to the user’s final destination after the car has been parked as well as guiding them back to the car if required.

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The app for the “smart” watch will also allows the interior temperature to be pre-conditioned.

As well as the car’s battery charge, the available range and the timing of updates, the watch’s glance screen also shows BMW i Remote app users whether the car doors are locked.

Through other menus in the app, users can check other vehicle information such as if the sunroof is still open or the trunk is closed. Service alerts are also flashed up, for example if a brake fluid change or service is due.

The app also offers a remote control feature for the horn, which can be activated to help owners find their vehicle easily, even in large car parks – and if someone else has parked the car. A touch of the display is all that is required to activate the relevant functions.

The app on the Apple Watch will work with both the i3 and the i8.