Today BMW launched its i8 Concept Spyder during the Auto China 2012 in Beijing. The rear end of the car was showcasing another bit of news: the eDrive badge.

This badge, BMW says, will identify the drive technology for all electric and plug-in hybrid cars. In BMW’s language, “eDrive” includes all components of the electric drivetrain: the electric motor developed in-house by BMW, the lithium-ion battery, and the intelligent motor management system.

The company’s stated goal while applying and developing this technology is to ensure that electromobility with BMW eDrive offers a unique experience. This, BMW says, is because the full torque of the electric motor is available from a standing start and the acceleration unfolds continuously in thoroughbred electric vehicles until the top speed is attained.

BMW’s vehicles with eDrive technology are therefore said to be extremely agile and offer enormous driving pleasure. The lithium-ion battery cells and the intelligent motor management system also offer a substantial increase in range and power for the vehicle.

Today’s BMW i8 Concept Spyder introduction follows the presentation of the BMW i3 Concept and BMW i8 Concept.

The BMW i8 Concept Spyder is a plug-in hybrid powered by a drivetrain combining a high-performance electric motor and a combustion engine. The lithium-ion battery supplying the motor with power can be recharged in an extremely short space of time from any domestic power socket. The result is a combined system output of up to 354 horsepower.

The 131 horsepower electric motor on the front axle works in tandem with a turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine sending 223 horsepower through the rear wheels. Both units are in-house BMW Group developments.