If BMW’s symbolism is to be taken as implied, perhaps the maker of the “Ultimate [sustainable] Driving Machines” wants to take i8 customers to a new “world” of experience.


Whether that’s reading into things too much, or not, the automaker has just announced options pricing. Instead of an a la carte menu over the base $135,925 car, BMW is offering three sets of option packages it calls “Worlds.”

The least expensive is $2,000 and comes with 20-inch wheels – in one of two designs – LED headlights and cornering lights and a choice of perforated leather in colors Giga, Giga White and Giga Amido.


Next up comes the Tera World for $3,000 which provides BMW i Blue seatbelts, LED headlights and cornering lights, and again a choice of two different 20-inch wheels. The Tera World package also offers a Tera leather and cloth accent interior or Tera Exclusive Dalbergia Brown with cloth interior.

Top of the range among BMW’s Worlds is the Pure Impulse World package for $10,800.


This includes an Anthracite headliner, BMW i Blue seatbelts, LED headlights and cornering lights. Also part of the package is Pure Impulse or Pure Impulse Carum Spice Grey full perforated leather and choice of 20-inch wheels.

BMW is making six color choices available, an $1,800 surcharge is asked for the two Crystal White Pearl variants, and to see details, click on the embedded images of BMW’s price lists.