BMW is giving the 7 series hybrid a bigger battery with more range when a facelift arrives later this year.

The plug-in 7 is rumored to be gettin a new name to go along with the performance changes, with the 740e iPerformance set to become the 745e.

BMW Blog reports that the new car will come with a new larger battery and a power boost from the electric motor. That’s a larger battery in the way of more storage, not more size. The battery itself is to have a higher energy density, similar to the pack in the new i3. The current 7 has a 9.2 kilowatt-hour battery.

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The new battery and stronger electric motor will also give the silent 7 a longer EV range. The current car has s short 14-mile EPA range, but it’s not known what the new car could achieve.

The flagship hybrid is also said to get the wireless charging feature announced for the 530e earlier last year. The prototype of that system is capable of recharging the 530e’s 9.2-kWh battery in 3.5 hours.

The power boost will be significant. The 2.0-liter turbo-four and electric motor in the 740e produce a combined 322 horsepower. The 745e will make 390 according to the report.

Finally, since this is a refresh of more than just the hybrid powertrain, the iPerformance model will get a new live cockpit digital dashboard. The new look premiered in the 8 series and Z4 concepts and is much like Audi’s virtual cockpit or the Mercedes-Benz digital dashboard display.

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