A French company is expanding its global reach by bringing electric carsharing to Los Angeles.

Bolloré Group received backing Monday from the Los Angeles City Council to bring its BlueCalifornia subsidiary to LA. It’s the second U.S. city to bring the electric carsharing service to the metro area, following Indianapolis and its BlueIndy program.

The city will bring 100 electric “Bluecars” with a shared fleet and more than 200 charging stations spread across LA through the pilot program. The 4-seat Bluecar is manufactured by Bluecar SAS, a subsidiary of the Bolloré group in France. It has a range of about 125 miles, and is equipped with the Bolloré LMP battery, and is pictured above.

The service is expected to serve 7,000 users and should reduce 2,150 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The city’s pilot program is being funded by $1.67 million in grant funds from the California Air Resources Board, $1.82 million from the city, and a $10 million investment from Bolloré, according to a media report. L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti thinks the program will help reduce emissions and air pollution, especially in “California’s most disadvantaged” communities.

The pilot program hasn’t named which electric car will serve the Bluecar fleet. Indianapolis has brought in electric Bluecars to its BlueIndy fleet. In 2014, Bollore and Renault entered an agreement to bring shared electric cars to users around the world.

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Bolloré wants to bring electric carsharing around the world. In Singapore the company has a demonstration system and is scheduled to launch in 2017. Bolloré started its electric carsharing division in Europe with locations in France: Paris, Lyon, and Bordeaux; Italy, in Turin; and in London.

The carsharing service started in Paris, celebrating its five-year anniversary in early December. Bolloré reported there are currently 132,500 subscribers using the service.

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