Mercedes’ C 350 e plug-in hybrid has been certified as being environmental compatible.

The German plug-in hybrid satisfies all criteria of an environmentally responsible product development pursuant to ISO standard TR 14062, as confirmed by the auditors of the TÜV Süd authorities.

Mercedes-Benz explained it analyzes the environmental compatibility of its models throughout their entire life cycle – from production, through their years of service, to recycling at the end of their useful lives. This analysis is said to go far beyond legal requirements.

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“The plug-in hybrid of the C-Class is a great example of why only the comprehensive view shows a complete image of the environmental impact “, said Anke Kleinschmit, Chief Environmental Officer of the Daimler Group. “Because the inevitably more intensive use of resources in production is more than compensated for by the significantly better ecobalance during operation”.

The TÜV environmental certificate attests the C 350 e, over its entire life cycle, including manufacture, use over a minimum of 200,000 kilometers (124,274 miles) and recycling, has clear advantages when it comes to CO2 emissions compared with the C 250 gasoline model.

Also, using external charging with the European electricity mix can cut CO2 emissions by 26 percent.

The Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid C 350 e has a certified fuel consumption of 2.4 to 2.1 liters per 100 kilometers (98 to 112 mpg) and offers up to 31 kilometers (19.26 miles) of all-electric driving.