Chinese law makers are pushing Bentley to consider an all-electric Mulsanne.

Speaking to Autocar, Bentley marketing manager Hans Holzgartner confirmed that an all-electric Bentley Mulsanne is a possibility, saying that draft paperwork from Chinese law makers has become a motivating factor.

Gartner said that currently, “the indication is that full electric will be the only way that you’ll get into some of the cities in China.” He added that hybrid powertrains aren’t entirely out of the question, but “even some of the hybrid drives just won’t get into some cities in China.”

Similar laws are becoming a possibility in other regions of the world, including Germany, where the country has voiced its intentions to encourge a zero-emissions future.

The Bentley Mulsanne is a strong candidate for an all-electric powertrain since its focus is on comfort and luxury, rather than being sporty and light. Electric powertrains are heavy and better suited for bigger sedans that benefit from massive torque.

Of course Bentley wants to create something that is fun to drive as well, catering to other markets like the U.S. Porsche recently confirmed that its new twin-turbo V8 engine will also be used by Audi and Bentley, so don’t be surprised to a Bentley Mulsanne Speed variant with Porsche power under the hood.


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