The highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 sedan will only be available in single motor, rear-wheel drive-form when it arrives, with the all-wheel drive version not expected until early next year.

In a series of Tweets posted last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he would introduce the simpler versions of the Model 3 first before rolling out the dual-motor versions. He said this is something he didn’t do with the Model X, choosing instead to offer the range-topping Model X P100D from launch. Trying to stuff every bit of tech into the car from the get-go complicated the launch process and Musk called himself an “idiot,” for doing so.

Like any good businessman, Musk has learned his lesson. This time around, the simplest Model 3 variants will be offered first, with Tesla adding performance versions and more technology over time. Customers that put down a deposit for a Model 3 but want all-wheel drive will be the first in line to receive the dual motor car when it’s released.

Musk is also skipping the “beta test” phase of the Model 3’s launch and moving straight to “early release” versions. The outspoken CEO is confident that the Model 3 will be much less buggy at launch than the Model S and Model X were, allowing him to skip the step of building one-off development cars and move right to building early release models for testing on its production line.

Model 3 production is expected to start up in July, with the first customers receiving their cars late this year.

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