The sales-weighted average fuel economy of new vehicles sold is back up to 25.3 mpg.

Data compiled by University of Michigan’s Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle show the average fuel economy of new vehicles sold in April 2017 was its highest all year, after January and February reported 25.1 mpg and March had 25.2 mpg. The 25.3-mpg figure also matches the highest its been since August 2014, when it was 25.5 mpg.

The sales-weighted fuel economy is calculated from the monthly sales of individual models of light-duty vehicles (cars, SUVs, vans and pickup trucks) and the combined city/highway fuel economy ratings published in the EPA Fuel Economy Guide for the respective models.

The value for April 2017 is 5.2 mpg higher than October 2007, the first month Sivak and Schoettle began monitoring.

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