Tesla released Autopilot version 8.1 last week with a few features added, but only one allows the driver to be out of the car.

Tesla’s update added a few new features, and one of them, “Summon,” added the self-driving parking function to second-generation Autopilot cars. It had become available for first generation Autopilot cars starting in 2016; now second-generation Autopilot is being tested by owners with the self-parking functionality.

The Summon feature takes the car at an extremely slow pace, and can only go a distance of 39 feet.

Other features added last week included high-speed Autosteer, lane departure warning, parallel Autopark, and auto lane change.

Tesla owners have liked it enough to make a few videos showing their experience parking the Model S and Model X off their key fobs. One shows a Model S being maneuvered in an underground parking garage. In the image shown above, the owner edited the video with a simultaneous smaller view in the lower right corner showing what it looks like inside the car.

In the video shown below, a Model S slowly backs out and back in through a narrow home garage.

Tesla has reclassified Autopilot as a driver-assist system rather than a self-driving car system. That came from the fatal Florida crash last year with a driver using the Autopilot system; and from the launch of fully autonomous systems being built into all new Tesla vehicles off production lines starting in late October 2016.

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Tesla said that Summon is more precise and has twice the range on the second generation version compared to the first. Drivers can navigate through more complex environments and parking space, with the ability to maneuver around objects to do what’s necessary to reach the driver.

New ultrasonic sensors provide most of the data. In Autopilot’s current status, version 2.0 doesn’t allow full use of all its eight cameras placed around the Tesla vehicles. Once enabled, the cameras are expected to further improve Summon features.