Test versions of the Chevy Bolt strapped with autonomous vehicle sensors have been spotted driving on the streets of San Francisco.

Chevrolet hasn’t confirmed these are self-driving cars being tested, but they appear similar to several other autonomous cars that have been tested on roads in California and a few other states. Two Bolts have been viewed driving with what appears to be autonomous driving sensors strapped to their roofs.

One Bolt has white exterior paint and a passenger behind the wheel. The second test model is covered in camouflage paint and appears to not have a driver behind the wheel.

Both models have unfinished headlights, but appear to be the same as the Bolts displayed since last year at auto shows. The Chevy Bolt is scheduled to start rolling off production lines in October 2016.

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The Bolt will likely be loaded with General Motors’ connected car options such as OnStar services, SiriusXM, and 4G LTE wireless service. The Bolt has not been officially affiliated with any of GM’s autonomous driving systems being tested.

It’s more likely to be affiliated with the partnership between GM and ridesharing firm Lyft. Earlier this year, GM bought a 9 percent stake in Lyft Inc. for $500 million. The two companies are working to develop a fleet of self-driving Chevy Bolt electric vehicles, according to GM.