AutoNation, the U.S.’ largest automotive retailer, has struck a new multi-year deal to service Waymo’s self-driving car fleet.

This agreement calls for AutoNation to provide long-term vehicle maintenance, mechanical, and cosmetic repairs to Waymo’s Chrysler Pacifica hybrid fleet before expanding to new fleets from different automakers.

“We are excited to partner with Waymo, who is a leader of self-driving technology,” said Mike Jackson, chairman, and CEO of AutoNation. “AutoNation remains uniquely positioned to lead our industry towards the future of mobility, due to our brand, exceptional service and maintenance capabilities, and commitment to innovation. AutoNation and Waymo are like-minded in our joint mission to keep people safe whenever they are in a vehicle.”

With this move, costs of repairs will be reduced, with self-driving vehicles enjoying less wear and tear after logging countless driving hours to offset the maintenance cost of expensive systems. A typical self-driving car can reach 5-figure mileage counts over the course of their tenure, where preventative and not reactive service is critical to keep them operating.

“The ambition is to grow with Waymo,” AutoNation Chief Executive Mike Jackson told Reuters. “The only way to get a return on a truly autonomous system is on a shared vehicle, where there is an extended life cycle.”

This agreement continues Waymo’s all-out blitz in securing new strategic partners to roll out their self-driving initiatives. Previously, it has seen deals with Avis, Lyft, and Fiat-Chrysler to manage fleets, launch self-driving car pilot programs, and to ensure a supply of hybrid minivans equipped with the technology, respectively.

Automation, partly known for its ubiquitous “Drive Pink” breast cancer awareness campaign and pink license plates, cover auto sales, maintenance, and repairs across 30 auto brands, serving more than 11 million customers to date.

In the late 90’s, it was started as Republic Industries, Inc., by Wayne Huizenga, an American entrepreneur who previously acquired Blockbuster of “please be kind, rewind” fame. He became a prominent buyer of car rental companies and new-car dealerships before changing the company’s name to AutoNation in 1998, moving the focus towards auto sales and repairs. The company now operates as a franchise model, with more than 360 stores across 16 states as the largest auto retailer in the nation.