has named the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid as its 2015 Reader’s Choice Green Car of the Year.

What makes this car the standout, and not some other choice? Our sister site AutoGuide observes the newly launched car blends style, technology and capable performance in one lightweight, uber-cool, package hitting a sweet spot of qualities its readers admired most.

Its seemingly incongruous numbers would just a few years ago have been mutually exclusive, totally impossible for one car to claim – 362 horsepower and 420 pounds-feet of torque and 76 MPGe or 28 mpg combined while running on premium gasoline.

So here’s a car that will outsprint a Tesla Model S P85 rear-wheel-drive, beat it around the Nurburgring, and gets mileage like a Camry on gas, or 50-percent better energy efficiency than a Prius on electric.

But that electric power does only last around 15 miles, the car does cost north of $140,000, and it’s best enjoyed with your foot mashing the accelerator, so actually it is an either/or proposition between extreme mpg and extreme mph.

However, “either/or” is really true to one degree or another of any car. Even Tesla’s vaunted Model S sees its EV range and available battery power plummet when driving it aggressively. No free lunch any way you slice it, so it’s a choice of buyer priorities.

The i8 has been selling decently the first few months since launching this summer in the U.S., with 204 delivered in October, but not close to challenging Tesla’s all-electric vehicle.

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