Chevrolet Volt sales at 2,081 sold were on pace last month with previous months this year, and the same is true of the Spark EV with 292 sold.

Compared to August of last year, the Volt was up by 50.8 percent, but August 2016’s number was not enough to match 2,406 sales in July 2016, which itself was its highest sales since August 2014.

In essence the Volt is tracking relatively consistently in the 2,000 plus-or-minus region since its full redesign last year and nationwide introduction this year.

Through August the tally is now 14,295 units, and the Volt is the second best-selling plug-in electrified vehicle in the U.S. behind Tesla’s Model S which is estimated to have over 16,000 sales by now.

According to Michigan-based analyst Alan Baum, Chevrolet did not have any special incentives pushing the Volt beyond $1,000 back and low-interest financing, and supply of the cars was not likely constrained Chevrolet produced 3,911 Volts in June, its highest since 2012.

Spark EV.

Spark EV.

As for the 292 Spark EV sales in August, this was down from July’s 333 sales. The outgoing converted electric car has documented 2,404 sales this year as the pending 2017 Bolt EV looms with first sales promised this year.

This year with eight of 12 months over, the Volt will need a marked rise to outdo its best years on record of 2012 and 2013. Its present total 14,295 units slightly trails August 2013’s 14,994, and is ahead of August 2012’s 13,497.