Audi’s autonomous driving project has been recognized once again.

Every year the editors of the MIT Technology Review look for companies all over the world that have announced groundbreaking technologies. This year the jury put Audi on the list of “50 Disruptive Companies” in recognition of the piloted driving project it presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Detroit.

Audi_Autonomous_2The technology is based on Audi’s adaptive cruise control with stop & go function, and is enhanced by a lateral guidance system.

Two radar sensors monitor an area up to 820.21 feet ahead of the vehicle at a 35-degree scanning angle. A wide-angle video camera monitors the lane markings and can also detect objects such as other vehicles, pedestrians and guardrails.

Eight ultrasonic sensors monitor the zones directly in front of the car and at its corners. There is also a laser scanner that supplies high-precision data gathered at an angle of about 140 degrees and as far as 262.47 feet ahead of the front of the car.

“As summed up in its slogan ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’, Audi is up among the leaders in the integration of electronic and electromechanical systems,” says Wolfgang Dürheimer, Board Member Technical Development, AUDI AG. “Piloted driving is a logical step for Audi, based on the in-car assistance systems already in use.”

The MIT Technology Review magazine was launched in 1899 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is regarded as one of the world’s leading publications of its kind.


Every year the magazine’s editors select the most innovative companies to join their list of “50 Disruptive Companies”. The list includes companies whose innovations, according to the magazine, have the potential to have a lasting effect on life around the world.

Over the years, international corporations such as Apple, Samsung and GE have been included into the “50 Disruptive Companies”.

This inclusion in the MIT list of “50 Disruptive Companies” is the third award gained by Audi’s piloted driving technology. In January the US magazine “Popular Science” chose the Audi piloted parking system for garage parking facilities as its “Product of the Future”, and the specialized media network “The Verge” acknowledged the new Audi system to be “Best Automotive Technology” at this year’s CES.