Imagine being able to select a vehicle on your smart phone, choose the delivery location of your choice and have access to said vehicle for up to a month. Audi is making this a reality.

Through a new program called Audi on demand, customers have access to a wide range of the Audi vehicle lineup, from the Audi A4 sedan to the R8 supercar, in a way that looks a little like a car sharing system, but without the membership fees.

The service is currently available in San Francisco as part of a beta program; Audi expects to be rolling out Audi on demand across additional U.S. cities in the coming years.

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Via the Audi on demand app – downloadable from the Apple App store – customers can select their preferred Audi model. It is then personally delivered to them at the location of their choice by an Audi on demand concierge, who will help the customer get acquainted with the vehicle, from setting music preferences to tailoring the navigation system. Customers are able to lock and unlock their vehicle, as well as enable driving via the Audi on demand app or via a personal key card. No membership fee is required. Additionally, Audi states the vehicle the customer sees and requests in the Audi on demand app will be the same vehicle delivered to them – down to the exact color and trim.

“Audi on demand embodies the brand’s core values of technological progress and a love for discovery,” said Mark Del Rosso, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Audi of America. “The service is rooted in customization, personalization and having the right car for the right moment. While competing services point their customers to vehicles parked on the street, Audi on demand delivers a truly premium experience, with concierges personally delivering and returning vehicles for customers where and when they need them.”

Audi on demand also allows customers to customize their vehicles with several complimentary accessories; child safety seats are available for all models, and ski racks and bicycle racks are available for the Audi allroad and Q5.

Customers have the option of picking up their vehicle or having it delivered to a location of their choosing within the city of San Francisco. These locations could be curbside, outside of a business or residence, or in private off-street parking of any kind, such as a driveway or private parking lot. Since the Audi on demand app features a digital key, repeat customers with private parking have the option of having their vehicle dropped off and picked up at specific delivery times without needing to meet a concierge as they are able to instantly access the vehicle from their smartphone.