Audi Elaine is an electric-powered SUV coupe that, says the automaker, will allow for highly automated motoring even without a driver on board.

The German company wants us to focus on the AI part of the Elaine name – ElAIne, if you will. Drivers will park the Audi in a designated area (the “handover zone”) and exit the vehicle, leaving the car to drive itself into a multistory parking garage offering a variety of services such as a car wash and charging posts. Thanks to Audi AI, drivers can allow the car to dance like no one’s watching.

If you think you’ve seen the Audi Elaine before, you’re correct. The exterior of the concept car debuted just a few months ago at Auto Shanghai in China, as the E-Tron Sportback. This car is a foreshadow to the second production all-electric vehicle from Audi. With attractive lines, distinctive lighting tricks, and a futuristic appeal, it is definitely spongeworthy.

The concept car’s lighting technology is said to be visible both at day and night. Digitally controlled LED units at the front and rear make for a powerful light source. Its projectors are able to mark on the road ahead, turning light into a channel of communication with the car’s surroundings. Other road users can be informed of the various driving modes, for example, such as when the vehicle is driving autonomously.

For its propulsion, the Elaine uses a configuration that Audi will use in future production models with all-electric drive. One electric motor will be placed on the front axle, while two more power the rear wheels. Power is sent to all four corners, yadda yadda yadda, and drivers will enjoy quattro levels of grip.

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The system is said to make 429 horsepower, with a ‘boost mode’ cranking the juice up to nearly 500 horsepower. The battery’s is 95 kilowatt-hour unit, with Audi optimistically pegging its range in excess of 310 miles. There are two options for charging the battery: a wired fast charging function at 150 kW or wireless charging via the Audi Wireless Charging system.

A simplified interior is bright with its functions clearly structured, reducing the control elements by way of expansive touchscreens. These surfaces abound, mounted below the central display, on the center console, and even on the door trim. All of them supply information and interface with the car’s on-board systems. The car is about sixteen feet long, with a height and width putting it very close in size to Audi’s own A7.

Audi says it plans to introduce the Elaine in 2019, probably as a 2020 model. It will not be available in the J Peterman catalog.