Not wanted to be left behind by Tesla and BMW as the market heats up later this decade, Audi has reportedly made up a series of blueprints for several high-performance electric vehicles.

According to anonymous company sources speaking to Reuters about things their bosses would like them not to tell, Audi is shooting for 250-mile range EVs, and at least one of them is said to be a Q8 SUV to go against Tesla’s Model X.

The Volkswagen Group’s flexibly capable MLB platform is expected to play a role in future models as well.

The design plans are not being pushed into production now, so how evergreen they might be in a constantly evolving industry is an open question as well.

The takeawy here is the BMW “I” series and Tesla Motors are making waves, and this has the attention of a division of the VW Group which has said it aims to be the global automotive sales leader not many years from now.

Presently, Audi is planning to launch a limited-production R8 e-tron electric supercar in Euripean dealers next year. This vehicle will have Euro spec range of 280 miles (450km) which is a bit less than Tesla’s Model S range of 311 miles on the Euro test cycle.

This is the same Model S, by the way, that the U.S. government says gets goes 265 miles, if you want an estimate for how the two test cycles vary.

Analysts are predicting in 5-7 years the EV market will be quite a bit more heated up than it is today with news reports continually pointing it out, if not also to effectively throw cold water on some of the momentum, and present-day potential.

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