Is the world ready for a virtual showroom? Audi believes so.

After launching in London and Beijing, the world’s third Audi City opened on the “ Kurfürstendamm,” one of the most prestigious downtown locations in Berlin.

Audi City is a place where visitors can experience the virtual Audi world in stereo 3D. Audi said its Audi City also stands for innovative solutions for the brand’s dealers: in the future, key technologies of the cyberstore will be available for tailor-made implementation at dealerships.

With the launch of Audi City, the brand is also piloting a very flexible usage model for premium mobility in Berlin, added Audi. Under the name “Audi select,” the company will be offering customers of Audi City Berlin the option to switch between up to three different Audi models per year at an all-inclusive monthly rate.

“Audi City is showing the way to the future of sales. We are combining the best of two worlds with this concept: new digital possibilities and even more personal customer consultation,” said Luca de Meo, Member of the Board of Management for Sales at AUDI AG. “We are now bringing the flagship of our premium customer approach to Berlin, one of the world’s most exciting cities. Therefore, we have significantly pushed the development of Audi City – with new technologies and exclusive services.”

Audi City presents the brand’s entire model line-up in fully digital form, explained the company. Using innovative media technology, visitors can customize their automobile from several million options and experience it in realistic form on a 1:1 scale on ceiling-high powerwalls.


Afterwards, said Audi, customers can schedule a test drive or directly place the production order for their car.

The Audi City concept made its debut in London in July 2012, establishing itself as front-runner in digitalized car sales; Audi added it has been continually pushing this development.

Per Audi, the Berlin cyberstore offers a larger range of display options and enables customers to configure their own cars by selecting from all the functions, technologies and features offered by AUDI AG. The company said it is also introducing an additional presentation technology there – a stereo 3D powerwall, which lets customers experience the Audi world in a very emotional way for the first time with the extraordinary spatial effects of stereo 3D.

Berlin’s Audi City location is a space measuring 375 square meters of floor area distributed over two levels, and 87 square meters of digital projection area.

For the premium car manufacturer, Audi City is an important innovation laboratory for digital technologies in sales and it is taking the next step of integrating the digital showroom into its international dealership networks. The company explained it has systematically developed Audi City technologies in order to prepare them for use in classic dealerships. In the future, Audi dealers will be able to integrate individual modules into their dealerships flexibly – such as the touch-sensitive “multitouch tables” for model configuration, the “powerwall” for car presentation and the “customer private lounge” for consultations in a more private ambiance.

As a start, Audi said this year, Audi City technologies will make their way into 16 conventional dealerships worldwide.

The next Audi City will open in Moscow – it will be the fourth location after London (July 2012), Beijing (January 2013) and now Berlin.