Audi’s semi-autonomous A7 successfully completed the 560 miles drive between the Silicon Valley and Las Vegas. And the goal for this drive was not a gamble.

Audi stated the mostly hands-free Audi A7 Sportback piloted driving concept has arrived in Las Vegas in time for the Consumer Electronics Show held until January 9.

Starting in California’s famous Silicon Valley, the Audi A7 3.0 TFSI quattro piloted driving concept’s long-haul test drive was witnessed – mostly hands-free – by members of the media, added Audi. It proved itself capable of providing a comfortable drive in real world, everyday driving situations, particularly in the kind of traffic that customers encounter on a daily basis.


“The results of the test drive underscore our piloted driving competency”, said Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi Board Member for Technical Development. “I’d like to thank the team of Audi engineers, VW Group R&D and the Electronics Research Laboratory for making it such a great success.”

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Audi explained the test drive resulted in actionable data to help further development of Audi piloted driving. It involved the longest drive undertaken so far by Audi at full road speeds with members of the public behind the wheel, each of whom was able to experience piloted driving in 100 mile stints in various traffic situations on public highways.

Audi did not say how many of these journalists wrote their story while being at the wheel of the car!

In total, the drive was 560 miles long and, as required by State laws in California and the special autonomous driving license granted to Audi, was accompanied by an experienced Audi test driver who monitored proceedings from the passenger seat.