Aston Martin is mulling a decision to build a production facility in the U.S. and it could be home to a new green SUV.

The British automaker has already had several meetings with different states to discuss building the factory, which would produce an Aston Martin crossover based on the recently revealed DBX concept. The brand is also considering sites in the UK, including a former Jaguar factory located in Coventry, England.

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the DBX concept uses electric motors at each axle to powered by lithium sulphur cells to deliver emissions-free all-wheel drive power; though exactly how much, Aston Martin has yet to disclose.

The plans for an Aston Martin crossover is part of CEO Andy Palmer’s strategy to to boost annual sales to 15,000 units, a leap up from the 4,00o units the brand sold last year. Aston plans to cap sports car production at 7,000 units and the new crossover is expected to fill in the rest of the gap.

It’s not yet clear if the production DBX will offer an alternative power drivetrain or if it will rely on conventional gasoline units.

Southern States, in particular, are said to be aggressively fighting to get the Aston plant after recently losing investments to Mexico.

[Source: Financial Times]

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