Boutique performance automaker Aston Martin has over a century of automotive experience, and says that experience would be beneficial in creating a Tesla Roadster competitor.

Speaking to AutoExpress, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer said that it’s possible for his company to make a competing vehicle. While many manufacturers are focused on battery chemistry and management, Aston Martin is poised to handle the other issues.

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What are those issues? 

“The interesting thing is that the other three key components of any electric car – weight, aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance – are areas sports car manufacturers, and us in particular, are really good at mastering,” he said.

He goes on saying, “that puts us at an advantage over other brands who are making some big claims – such as Tesla, with a lightweight roadster. I think we could be in that space relatively easily.”

Further elaborating on the potential car, Palmer said it would offer different battery options. Pricing wouldn’t be the differentiating factor, but rather how much weight the customer wants to add to the car and how much range the customer needs.

Aston Martin is currently in a product rollout phase involving a new product every 12 months until 2022. If it came behind those products, it’d be a couple of years behind the Tesla Roadster’s debut if Tesla is able to maintain their production schedule and product rollout.

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