The makers of the psychotic Ariel Atom are now planning a 1,180 horsepower EV currently dubbed the HIPERCAR, with a model name to be announced later.

HIPERCAR, in a fantastic fit of hyperbole, stands for High Performance Carbon Reduction. As with other Ariel vehicles the focus of HIPERCAR is on extreme performance, agility and usability, now coupled with zero and ultra-low emissions.

Ariel’s current scaffolding-on-wheels offerings include the track-rat Atom and the off-road Nomad. The HIPERCAR promises to be every bit as entertaining as its two brothers. Set to be available in either rear- or all-wheel drive, the EV will be powered by separate 295 horsepower electric motors, connected to single-speed step down gearboxes.

Basic math, then, teaches us that rear-drive models will produce 590 horsepower, while the all-wheel drive unit will grab the 1,180 horsepower headline.

Ariel estimates the all-wheel drive version to run from 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds, on to a top speed of 160 mph.

Juice will be provided by a 750-volt lithium-ion battery offered in two flavors: 42kWh or 56kWh. The battery pack will be recharged, when required, by a 5kW micro-turbine range extender, negating any range anxiety issues and making the vehicle independent of any charging infrastructure.

The chassis is an aluminum monocoque tub. Once clad with carbon fiber bodywork, the design of which is yet to be finalized, the machine should tip the scales at about 3,500 pounds.

Electric propulsion is outside Ariel’s wheelhouse, so the company has paired with two other companies to get this project up to speed. Equipmake, a low-carbon innovation hub in the UK, is developing the electric motor. Delta Motorsport, also based in the UK, is working on the batteries and turbine.

Pricing will not be finalized until later on in the project.

The HIPERCAR is destined for Ariel production in 2020 alongside the Atom and Nomad. You can read more about this project on Ariel’s website.