Tel-Aviv-based Arbe Robotics, a provider of high-resolution self-driving car radar systems that can “see” in all weather conditions, just completed a $9 million fundraising round to get it on its way toward production.

The funds will also be used to open a support center in Silicon Valley and contribute towards installation in self-driving cars with capabilities, says the maker, beyond what’s presently available.

Founded in late 2015 by Kobi Marenko, a former news correspondent, editor, and founder of a mobile carrier content service, Arbe Robotics’ high-resolution systems use radar, and not LiDar’s cameras and sensors to detect objects, such as pedestrians and obstacles, allowing self-driving vehicles to operate more safely. These objects can be detected at distances of up to 400-meters with a range accuracy of 10-centimeters. The idea is that LiDar consumes greater processing power to read images, where it is feared a higher rate of accidents can occur.

Previously, Arbe Robotics focused on radar systems for autonomous drones to detect objects at a 150-meter range, disrupting a market that has seen a 50-meter range with lesser hazard detection ability. Later, it shifted its focus to vehicles.

Earlier this year, Arbe Robotics also saw an investment to the tune of $2.5 million. This latest funding round was led by O.G. Tech Ventures and OurCrowd. O.G. Tech Ventures, an Israeli-based $100 million venture capital firm, is run by a single managing partner, Roy Oron, and a local team. It has previously invested in two companies – enSilo and Secodo, which specialize in cybersecurity and data protection services. OurCrowd is an equity crowdfunding platform that recruits average Joes to create investor accounts and fund companies with one-time or regular investments, allowing them to choose funds by theme, stage, and geography.