With April sales numbers in, GM reported 1,462 Chevrolet Volts spld in a month with three fewer selling days, and given that April is traditionally a weaker month than March.

This total is down from the Volt’s second-highest sales figures in December, in which 1,529 were sold, and down also from the March record of 2,289.

Last month we had heard some from GM say they were not expecting April Volt sales to exceed March, although CEO Dan Akerson has been quoted as saying he’d like to see somewhere between 2,000-3,000 month after month going forward.

Some industry watchers have said also that GM’s California Volts are still in a transition period of changing over to solo-HOV-lane eligible Electric Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emissions Vehicle (eAT-PZEV) versions, and this could have put a crimp in the progress.

But if GM sold fewer than some hoped for, Nissan could be said to be looking worse, with just 370 battery electric Leafs sold in April. This is down from 579 units in March and 478 in February. In fact 370 is lower than the 573 Leafs Nissan delivered in April 2011. The Leaf’s best sales month was June, 2011 with 1,708 sold.

Nonetheless, ever-optimistic Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said industry watchers should not let a few mediocre months influence their perspective. He is keeping a long-term view, unwaveringly saying BEVS will comprise 10 percent of the market by decade’s end.

Things ought to pick up also, he has said, as Nissan begins building the Leaf in Tennessee in late 2012, and the UK in early 2013.

As for the Volt, it was not a bad month – particularly if one chose to add in the Opel Ampera sister car being built alongside for European export.

Further numbers of interest are that for the 2012 calendar year to date, the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant has built 5,095 Volts and 3,382 Opel Amperas.

For 2012 model year to date, it has so far turned out 16,336 Volts and 5,987 Amperas.

European Ampera sales reported for April were 557 total units.

If one wanted to observe the Ampera sister car as part of the yet-limited production output for GM’s still-quite-new Voltec line, total April sales worldwide would be 2,019 units.