A lawsuit brought by A123 Systems against Apple Inc. for allegedly poaching top-ranking employees is being settled.

The controversy happened amidst the backdrop of a broader story early this year that Apple is doing something big to develop a possible autonomous electric car and to do so was cherry picking talent from existing companies.

In this case, Apple Inc. was accused of poaching from the battery manufacturer A123 last year.

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The computer giant originally denied the accusation when the suit was filed February of this year in a Massachusetts court.

The exact terms of the settlement have yet to be disclosed, but according to the BBC the two parties are said to be working on the final details.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple had applied in March to get the case thrown out, saying that it was based “solely on labels and conclusions” that weave “an elaborate but ultimately incorrect and unsupportable theory,” but this application was ultimately unsuccessful.

The Journal also reported that Apple was asking for the case to be moved closer to California, and that A123 had repeatedly filed for permission to delay since late March.