If indicators are correct, Apple is mining for intellectual property and knowhow to create its own electric car charging network.

According to Reuters, charging industry players have been queried by Apple in its attempt to get a leg up on potentially charging electric cars it intends to introduce.

As has been the case so far, there are more questions than answers. Reuters says it is likely that executives and other experts contacted by Apple have signed non-disclosure agreements so mum’s the word, but hints and a search of Linkedin profiles add pieces to the puzzle.

And it is a puzzle, as Apple has not announced anything on a so-called “Apple Car” which has otherwise had Silicon Valley viewing it as a poorly kept secret for the past year.

One question is whether Apple would want a proprietary charging interface – thus creating a new standard amidst already competing standards from Tesla, CHAdeMO, SAE, and more – or try to cooperate with existing standards.

Whether wireless DC fast charging is in the offing is also unclear, though Reuters notes Apple has hired at least four key individuals with charging technology expertisem, so anything is possible.

One person from a “global engineering and construction firm” which has offered its services to Apple said that whatever the mega corporation does, it will need to fit its existing customer and design ethos.

“It would be natural to assume if Apple is going to have a full battery electric vehicle that creates a seamless consumer experience the way Apple does, the charging infrastructure and its availability would be of paramount importance,” the source said.

As would be expected, Apple did not offer a comment to Reuters when asked, but others have at the same time expressed concerns about sharing too much.

Unlike Tesla which made a gesture like it was willing to give away its intellectual-property store for free by sharing patents, Reuters was told there is fear of a potential competitor in Apple.

The person who intimated this concern of giving Apple ammo to be used against it also dismissed speculation that Apple is merely looking for solutions to provide car charging for its employees, which is something it already does.

Rather, said an insider, Apple is focused on a car, likely one it is developing, and with intent to make a seamless Apple experience in due time.


Hat tip Brian Ro.