The country’s best-selling gas-electric car saw another 2,031 units delivered in September.

Chevrolet’s extended-range EV now has 16,326 sales for the year and has tracked within a hundred or so units of 2,000 per month the past few months.

September’s number was up markedly by 114 percent from September 2015’s 949 units sold when the market was awaiting the gen-two 2016 model, and buyers were holding back.

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The Volt’s best two years of 2012 and 2013 were in the 23,000-unit range. The Volt needs to average 2,225 units per month for October, November and December just to cross 23,000 this year for the all-new design.

This said, the Volt has significantly higher sales than other plug-in hybrids, including the next-nearest Ford Fusion Energi which lagged the Volt by 4,200 units through August.

Factors including inexpensive gas, and anticipated new models including the 2017 Chevy Bolt have made some consumers hit the pause button on their next green car acquisition.

As the market leads toward the end of the year, Volt sales potentially stand to be helped in that the federal tax credit will be all that much sooner to recoup for purchasers.

It may be close, but the Volt has an outside chance of exceeding 2013’s 23,094 units sold, if not also 2012’s 23,461.